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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Trouble Maker!!!

Sometime I really hate to cooperate with girl in doing thing. Some of them really trouble maker and just know how to complain and do not know what is cooperation. This will just make the thing become worse and the job cannot be done forever.They really...speechless. Want to scold them, later let other critic I bully them, not gentlemen, but the fact is, they really suck la.

Friday, 1 July 2011

我们活在这个世界可是深生不有己。 以一个不是说很须要的东西来换取人家的前途,欢乐,直得吗? 没有选择之下,只好闭着嘴,把所有不开心的事收在心里自己承受, 自我安慰。今天好不容易安慰好自己了, 明天那感觉又来了。 曾尝试对你,他说, 可是换来的答安就是:“为什么他能你不能, 别想这么多了, 你可以的。” 这是什么非话啊!他是他我是我哪可以拿来相比。即然都这样说了, 表示已没有再谈下去的意义。 要面对更本不喜欢的东西,可真痛苦啊, 一天有如一年。要勉强去喜欢一样你讨厌的东西,对我来说是不可能, 不喜欢就是不喜欢, 这是改变不了的事实,你们知道吗!当在面对这种情况的人是你,我就要看你会不会用当时自己所说的非话来鼓历自己。可悲~可悲~。这感受, 谁会懂, 还不是自己最清楚。 算了吧, 现在只好等时间一分一秒地过,在我的世界里只存有我一人, 其他人对我来说一经不重要了。

Sunday, 26 June 2011


It is very hard, sometime, for me to continue something that I don't like it at all, it is suck, but no choice. I could hardly bare it even 1 second >.<. Yea, I tried to make used to it, but the fact is I really cant do it. No one will ever understand my feeling, they will just say something like : "Don't worry so much, I belief you can do it" or "Don't think too much just go ahead, everything will be OK in yr future" when I'm trying to share out my feeling. Such advises, or can be known as crap is totally useless to me because they really do not know what are they crapping. So what have I learn is, whenever I'm facing any problems, the best is to solve by myself, don't ever say out to other because this is just wasting my time and we have to know that the person who care but you the most is not your family, is not your friend, neither husband or wife, but is U, yourself.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


The most scary thing is not the reality you facing, but is the way you think. By Sky Tan

Thursday, 7 April 2011


After back from national service, I was bored to stay at home all the time. So decided to find a job. For me, I want a busy job, a job that can make me forget about everything,even the time and just concentrate on it, ok, that's my plan and I started to take action. I went to bukit raja jusco, I heard that popular bookshop worker will be very busy, so I went there to ask whether vacation available or not. After I filled up the application form, I though it will be a interview session and I'm quite confident on myself to get the job BUT...One guy came out with plenty of the filled form as mine, and he said I have to wait their call for interview and will choose a few only among us. Arggh!! I hate to hear, " U wait our call". The 'call' means rejection to me, whenever I heard this, I will not expect anything from there because I know they will never call or need to wait very long. What the hell, my time is precious, I wont waste my time to wait for this job, just a very very normal job, I don't care.

After that, I went to the KIKO department to ask, they really lack of promoter and straight want to hire me as promoter there. I not very interested in such job because it will be very boring and as a promoter, my job is just have to stand there all the time like a useless guy because there is no customer especially weekdays. Haiz, at least I no need to stay at home so I just take the job.

I think I no need to describe my first day of my job because is way too easy and bored, ...sien la!!!!!

Actually my main purpose to write this is to complain their stupid, brainless and childish rule ever. As a promoter there, there are some rules that I need to follow:
1) Must tuck in shirt
2) Long, dye hair is not allowed
3) Cannot leave moustache

Wtf!! I no longer study in secondary or primary school ok??!! Why I still need to follow such nonsense rules, I now working la. I wonder why those guy especially 黑皮肤的 like to set such rules, I wonder why they like to make themselve look so nerd,and call these discipline??!! but according to their self character, I really really 100% don't think so!! I already 18 and should have my freedom. And, discipline is not judged by setting such stupid rules, but is our self character. I didn't tuck in my shirt, have long and dye hair and have moustache does not mean I didn't have discipline. Sadly, those 黑皮肤的 that always follow those rules are worse, more rude, brainless and bad. Haiz discipline they called......hahahaha