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Sunday, 26 June 2011


It is very hard, sometime, for me to continue something that I don't like it at all, it is suck, but no choice. I could hardly bare it even 1 second >.<. Yea, I tried to make used to it, but the fact is I really cant do it. No one will ever understand my feeling, they will just say something like : "Don't worry so much, I belief you can do it" or "Don't think too much just go ahead, everything will be OK in yr future" when I'm trying to share out my feeling. Such advises, or can be known as crap is totally useless to me because they really do not know what are they crapping. So what have I learn is, whenever I'm facing any problems, the best is to solve by myself, don't ever say out to other because this is just wasting my time and we have to know that the person who care but you the most is not your family, is not your friend, neither husband or wife, but is U, yourself.

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